Organic Pet

Pumper, nourish and protect your pet, naturally and organically. Formulated to care for your pet with a selection of the purest and organic ingredients you can trust. 

Pet Shampoo Sulphate Free (500ml)

A natural coconut extract based shampoo. Gently cleanses without irritating your dogs sensitive skin. Leaves coat clean without the use of harsh synthetic detergents. Vegan friendly and no GMO ingredients added.

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Deep Creme Rinse Concentrate Conditioner (500ml)

This natural deep creme rinse helps in conditioning without the use of toxic chemicals and insecticides. Soothes, softens and shines your pet's coat and keeps it smelling great. Vegan friendly and no GMO ingredients added

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Detangling & Conditioning Grooming Spray (250 ml)

Soothing spray that softens, detangles and deodorises your pets coat. Helps keep it odour free without toxic synthetic chemicals. Vegan friendly and no GMO ingredients added

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Pet Perfume (250 ml)

Gentle and relaxing. A pure concentration of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, this aromatic perfume can be used with confidence directly on pets, litters and around their bedding!

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Pet Rug & Kennel Wash (1L)

A powerful wash for your pet's towels, bedding, clothing and kennel areas. Eucalyptus has been selected as a final aroma for its antibacterial properties. Witch Hazel and Horsetail extracts have been added for their excellent cleaning power.

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